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CMAS* Diver

This certification confirms that after this diving training you will:
have basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills
use commercially available diving equipment correctly
safely dive in free but protected water areas down to max. 15m depth

The CMAS* course:
provides the experience "scuba diving"
entitled to participate in most special courses

completed 14 years of age
   (in the case of minors, signatory of a child)
valid medical certificate for scuba diving

written theory examination
6 .. 8 dives in open water
100m swimming, incl. complete diving equipment

The CMAS.CH 1-Star diving certification (CMAS*) is valid worldwide by the CMAS diving organization as a internationally valid certificate "Plongeur une étoile CMAS” or "CMAS One Star Diver" and is recognized internationally with this card.

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