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Rebreather SE7EN 100m diver (CC)

This certification confirms that after this diving training you will:
● are familiar with the safe planning, preparation and execution of decompression and trimix dives with the eCCR POSEIDON Discovery MK VI / SE7EN 
● be able to plan variably with oxygen partial pressures of up to 1.3 bar in the bottom mix and up to 1.6 bar for decompression
● are familiar with the basic exercises (skills) required for all technical dives (including wrecks / caves)

The Rebreather-SE7EN-100m diving course (Level 5):
● provides the ultimate experience "Rebreather diving"
● authorized to dive in depths up to max. 100m (with decompression and full Trimix)

● at least 18 years
● i.a.c. eCCR POSEIDON Discovery MK VI / SE7EN 60m Level 4 certification or comparable
● valid medical certificate of fitness for diving
● at least 100 dives on the SE7EN after successfully completing the Rebreather Level 4 course
● of which 10 dives deeper than 50m and at least 50 dives deeper than 40m
● own SE7EN rebreather (in the delivered original condition)
● additional equipment: 2x stages (at least 7 liters), 2x stages (at least 11 liters + 1x long hose between 1.50 - 2.10m), mask + lamp + computer backup and emergency buoy with reel

● oral theory test
● 8 .. 10 dives in open water
● ascent, emergency and buoyancy exercises in OC and CC mode
● stage handling in the emergency decision plan (bail-out)
● basic 6 exercises (clipping, changing the regulator, changing the mask, valve check, coupling the inflator, OOA skill (out-of-air)

The i.a.c. Rebreather-SE7EN-100m diving certificate (Level 5) is issued by the i.a.c. diving organization and the R.S.T.C. (Recreational Scuba Training Council) as an internationally valid certificate “eCCR Poseidon MK VI / SE7EN - 100m” valid worldwide and is recognized internationally with this card.

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