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Who is BLUE recording?

BLUE recording deals with diving and everything that an interested person needs, from diving training for beginners and advanced divers, via the sale of diving equipment, to professionally carried out repairs and service of regulators and Rebreather made by Poseidon.

In return, BLUE recording keeps the underwater landscape with its diverse flora and fauna, such as wrecks, reefs or fish or other living beings and also your training in video / photo documentation.


What is offered by BLUE recording?

BLUE recording offers a wide range of diving activities, including:
1. diving education and diving training for:
    - recreational and tech divers in the OC and CC field
    - specialty courses

2. repairs and service of diving equipment as are:
    - regulators (Cyklon 300, 5000 and Xstream)
    - Rebreather (MK IV and MKVII)

3. video and photo recordings in HD quality (up to 100m below surface)
    - under and above water (on excursions, trips and expeditions of all kinds)
    - editing of the raw material (cut, scoring and music embedding)
    - creation of advertising media and reminders (DVDs, web trailers and photo albums)


Where does BLUE recording operate?

BLUE recording is primarily active in the German-speaking market and has its focus on other European countries. The training and repairs as well as the video and photo recordings also take place around the globe.


How does BLUE recording fulfill it's mission statement?

BLUE recording is always based on the interests and wishes of it's customers. This guarantees the high quality that the customer needs to ensure compliance and is presented both outwards and inwards by it's own corporate identity.


Mission statement

BLUE recording is committed to this mission statement and does everything according to the wishes of the employees, regulators, customers and suppliers. You are welcome to contact us.