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CMAS*** Diver

This certification confirms that after this diving training you will:
have comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills
independently organizing group dives in salt and fresh water
perform dives under different environmental conditions
safely dive in open water areas down to max. 40m depth

CMAS*** divers have in-depth knowledge of:
Physical Disciplines:     physics, physiology, anatomy and accidents
Decompression Dives: dive calculations and necessary material
Rescue Techniques:     apnoea, diver rescue and equipment swim
Dive Guided Tours:       group dives, seamanship and gas mixtures

completed 16 years of age
  (in the case of minors, signatory of a child)
valid medical certificate for scuba diving
CMAS** Brevet (or equivalent)
50 dives and 20 since CMAS**

written theory examination
 8 .. 10 dives in open water, incl.
   - dives with decompressions
   - correct handling of your signal buoy
   - rescue an unconscious diver from 40m depth

The CMAS.CH 3-Star diving certification (CMAS***) is valid worldwide by the CMAS diving organization as a internationally valid certificate "Plongeur trois étoiles CMAS" or "CMAS Three Stars Diver" and is recognized internationally with this card.

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